Admission Criteria and Application Requirements for Alternate Route Program in Dance/Movement Therapy

All application materials should be submitted to EmbodiedEducationInstitute@gmail.com. Applications are due June 16, 2019 for the cohort beginning in August 2019. 


  1. An unofficial transcript from your current or completed Master’s Degree or PhD program in Counseling, Social Work, or its equivalent. (If you have been accepted but not yet matriculated, please submit a copy of your acceptance letter.)
  2. A movement sample video (submit an attached file or a link to YouTube/Vimeo/etc). The length should be approximately 3 minutes and include only the applicant. Please submit a sample of your own choreography or improvisation and DO NOT use a sample from a performance.
  3. A brief essay (maximum 3 pages) describing your understanding of dance/movement therapy and your desired application of the profession.
  4. A written description of your dance training and experience (can include a dance resume or be listed in chart/bullet format). Applicants must have at least 3 years of dance training, some of which has occurred in the last two years. Any genre(s) of dance are acceptable and supplementary movement forms should also be indicated. Please note that yoga training alone is not sufficient and that 5 years of training will be required by the time of application for the R-DMT credential to the Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board.
  5. Proof of completion or enrollment in an Anatomy/Kinesiology course (1 credit or 15 hours). Anatomy alone will not suffice. EEIC will offer this course as an option for those who have not yet completed this requirement.
  6. Two letters of recommendation—one of these should be from someone who can speak to the applicant’s body/movement-centered approaches/philosophies/experiences (e.g. instructor, colleague).

Applicants will participate in movement experiences and faculty interviews.
Additional details will be provided upon invitation to this next step of the application process.

Courses are $425/credit (28 total credits). Payment plans are available through contacting EEIC.