Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Program of Embodied Education Institute of Chicago

EEIC welcomes anyone with an interest in human movement to join us in our first 12 month Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Training Program. If you desire a greater depth and understanding of the human body in motion in order to enhance your work in areas such as dance, dance education, choreography, art, dance/movement therapy, body work, psychotherapy, acting, directing, athletics, athletic coaching, corporate team building, this program is for you.

Laban/Bartenieff  Movement Analysis comes from the work of Rudolph Laban who created an analytic system that is used to observe, interpret, describe, and document human movement. Irmgard Bartenieff was a student of Laban’s and extended his work regarding the inner connections and meaningful functionalities of the body to improve movement efficiency and expressivity. Therefore, LMA/Bartenieff application expands movement repertoire and movement options, increases body awareness, and enhances the mind/body relationship. The Space Harmony category of the system opens a world of geometric space around us for support, clarification, balance, and harmonious internal-external  relationship.

As the material is learned and applied, the student also becomes a keen observer of the body/movement level themes or needs of the mover in order to properly intervene to achieve identified goals.

This program is currently running, with drop-ins permitted. Please check out weekends and their themes below!  The next start date of the full program will be in September 2019. 


A strong interest in human movement, physical ability to engage in ongoing  experiential work to embody the benefits of the LMA/Bartenieff.

Dates 2018-2019:
  • September 29-30
  • October 20-21
  • November 17-18
  • December 15-16
  • January, 26-27, 2019
  • February 23-24
  • March 16-17
  • April 13-14
  • May 11-12
  • June 15-16
  • July 13-14
  • Aug 17-18

Cost of full program: $3000

Note: No Certificate is offered through this program. 

à La Carte options available

If you have already completed some training in Laban Movement Analysis and would like to learn more, brush up on some specific topic area, or have your first taste, then EEIC’s Laban Training Program welcomes you for a weekend at a time. To get more info on the details of any particular weekend please contact Lisa Goldman at .

Winter/spring, 2019 semester weekends:

Time: 9:00-3:30 with 30 minute lunch break

Program Location: Jan. 26 (only) Columbia College Chicago (room 1106)

Jan. 27 to April 14 Sway Dance Chicago at 3317 W. Irving

Cost: $250/weekend, $150/day

Email Lisa at with questions.

Weekend 5: January 26 and January 27, 2019

Topics: Cross lateral, Knee drop, arm circle, body part phrasing, phrasing and effort applied to basic 6 fundamental exercises, more use of touch, states and drives overview, passion drive and related states of dream and rhythm, Jungian Theory with Motion Factors, Law of Proximity and effort modulation with action drives, review dimensions, diagonals, diameters, planes, observation/application lab for effort modulation and space

Weekend 6: February 23 and February 24, 2019

Topics: gradated arm rotation, humero-scapular rhythm, and scapular engagement, spatial intent with basic 6 fundamental exercises, vision drive and related states of mobile and awake, phrasing types, choreo/creativity and observation lab

Weekend 7: March 16 and March 17, 2019

Topics: shape review and layering shaping onto POC/basic 6, counter tension, correctives, spell drive and related states of remote and stable, more practice with effort modulation (including observation), especially to prepare for Derek Assignment , shape into space, approach to kinesphere, reach space, introduction to Movement Assessment Coding sheets (including practice)

Weekend 8: April 13 and April 14, 2019

Topics: symmetry operations, deflected directions, central, peripheral, and transverse movement, model building, axis and girdle scales, support work for counter tension, peripheral and transverse movement, Mid-term Exam (opportunity for feedback)