Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Program of Embodied Education Institute of Chicago

EEIC welcomes anyone with an interest in human movement to join us in our next 12 month Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Training Program. If you desire a greater depth and understanding of the human body in motion in order to enhance your work in areas such as dance, dance education, choreography, art, dance/movement therapy, body work, psychotherapy, acting, directing, athletics, athletic coaching, corporate team building, this program is for you.

Laban/Bartenieff  Movement Analysis comes from the work of Rudolph Laban who created an analytic system that is used to observe, interpret, describe, and document human movement. Irmgard Bartenieff was a student of Laban’s and extended his work regarding the inner connections and meaningful functionalities of the body to improve movement efficiency and expressivity. Therefore, LMA/Bartenieff application expands movement repertoire and movement options, increases body awareness, and enhances the mind/body relationship. The Space Harmony category of the system opens a world of geometric space around us for support, clarification, balance, and harmonious internal-external  relationship.

As the material is learned and applied, the student also becomes a keen observer of the body/movement level themes or needs of the mover in order to properly intervene to achieve identified goals.

The next start date of the program will be in September 2019.