TDC Module 3: Teaching practice


TDC Module 3: Teaching Practice

Dates: April 5 &6 2025

Location: 1802 W. Berteau suite 205, Chicago, IL

Cost: $245

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Module 3: Teaching Practice

Facilitation Methods

Instructors: Kristina Fluty, MA, GL-CMA

in person

Location: 1802 W. Berteau Suite 205, Chicago

Dates: April 5-6, 2025

Cost: $245

Course Description:

After diving deeply into methodology with Fluty and guests, students will be prepared to lead their own therapeutic dance sessions in their respective communities. They will teach two sessions that they record, and then exchange feedback with an assigned partner. They then send their recordings to Fluty with segments/epiphanies they want to share/discuss in May.
Total hours: 8