Alternate Route Program

EEIC is accepting applications for the Alternate Route Dance Movement Therapy program starting Fall 2019! Deadline is June 16.

SWAY partners with EEIC

EEIC has found its new home at Sway Dance Studios! Special thanks to Sway for their warm welcome.

Movement Analysis Training

How do you become a more embodied mover or dance/movement therapist? A better choreographer? A more effective dance teacher? Master the taxonomy of Laban Movement Analysis.

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Alternate Route Training in Dance/Movement Therapy

Join experienced faculty in Chicago for dance/movement therapy training that adheres to the standards of the American Dance Therapy Association.

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Quality Education

Learn about all of the hands on instruction available at EEIC, from continuing education for counselors and dance/movement therapists to certifications in movement analysis and dance/movement therapy.

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