Wellness and Community Programs

The Embodied Education Institute of Chicago (EEIC) offers wellness and community based programs including: consulting services, educational workshops and trainings, dance performances and dance classes for teachers, parents and other professionals. These programs and services focus on strategies to improve self-awareness, reflect on cultural commentary that impact disembodiment and develop skills needed to increase embodiment. For more information and to request a program or service please contact embodiededucationinstitute@gmail.com.

Dance Concerts

EEIC believes in the importance of maintaining a connection to our creativity as therapists. Therefore, we are committed to providing performance opportunities for students of EEIC and any dance/movement therapists who want to dance, choreograph, and/or perform as a way to nourish themselves as healers.

In addition, EEIC supports the concept of PERFORMANCE AS THERAPY for those served by dance/movement therapists. Therefore, we are also committed to providing performance opportunities for the clients guided into their creative and performer selves by their dance/movement therapist.

Professional Wellness Coaching

Professional consultation is an hour long in-person, phone or zoom contact with Shannon Suffoletto to guide you through and answer questions about how to support the wellness of your employees to suit the culture of your organization and the budget you can afford. The cost is $100 per hour.

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