Students interested in the Therapeutic Dance Certificate (TDC) are dancers that understand the power of expressing the body through the art of dance. Engaging in this program provides the student with the opportunity to study advanced concepts in therapeutic dance from faculty who are professional dance/movement therapists and always dancers at heart. The student in the TDC program already identifies themself as a dancer, may have studied various forms of dance or is interested in the use of the expressive body as a healing modality. They must be at least 21 years of age to participate and be capable of attending college level courses.  This certificate is a wonderful option for the dancer who does not want to become a dance/movement therapist but still wishes to engage in curriculum to advance their understanding of how to facilitate expressive dance movement for individuals, groups or communities.


Group advisement is an hour long workshop offered every trimester for EEIC students interested in a general orientation to the Therapeutic Dance Certificate program  including all the requirements for the application process as well as an opportunity to ask questions.  The cost is $35 per hour.

July 8, 2024 7-8pm Virtual

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COURSES INCLUDE (revised schedule as of 6/19):

Fall Semester:

  • Experiential Anatomy/Kinesiology - 15 hours (virtual) | one weekend Fri/Sat/Sun
  • LMA 1: Observation - 15 hours (virtual/in person) | one weekend Sat/Sun
  • Body as Teacher-15 hours (in person). one weekend Fri/Sat/Sun

Spring Semester:

  • Module 1: Relationship- 11 hours- in person (one weekend Sat/Sun)
    • Overview of semester-3 hours
    • Presence-4 hours
    • Dance Class-experience and discuss-4 hours
  • Online: Ethics & Continuum of Therapeutic/Therapy 8 hours
  • Module 2: Creating/Making-15 hours-in person (one weekend Sat/Sun)
    • Personal Aesthetics in Facilitation-3 hours
    • Movement Choir Creation- 4 hours
    • Performance as Therapy- 8 hours
  • Module 3: Teaching Practice-8 hours-in person (one weekend Sat/Sun)
  • Module 4: Culmination of Integration-10 hours -in person (one weekend Sat/Sun)
    • Feedback & Discussion of student sessions-5 hours
    • Movement celebration-5 hours

Final performance opportunity included in cost of program.

(see course descriptions, dates and times below with links to register for each class)

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Total cost: $2875

Courses are paid for individually.  Click here to register. 

Please email: to schedule a call with a faculty advisor.

Experiential Anatomy/Kinesiology

Instructor: Kristina Fluty, MFA, CLMA

In Person w/virtual options- August 23-25; 10-4pm

Location: 1802 W. Berteau Suite 205, Chicago, IL

Cost: $425

For movers, dancers, movement practitioners/artists, dance/movement therapists, teachers, and anyone who wants to deepen their embodiment and understanding of the amazing ways our bodies move. Engaging experiential and somatic modes of learning this course will cover basic human anatomy and kinesiology with an overview of bones, major muscle groups, and general workings of the musculoskeletal system. Students will begin to understand the complexities of the body through movement, reading, drawing, discussion, writing, video, and touch exercises. We will integrate what we learn from tuning into our individual sensed experience, observations of the world (and bodies) around us, and material information from the fields of anatomy and kinesiology. It is important to note that study of “the body,” our bodies, does not exist outside of the particular societies and cultures in which we live. Our work in this course acknowledges the impact and influence of culture on traditions of teaching anatomy, and the importance and relevance of our individual experiences of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, ability, on lived embodied experience and body knowledge.

1 credit hour / 15 classroom hours

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Laban Movement Analysis I: Observation

Instructor: Stacey Hurst, BC-DMT, LCPC, GL-CMA

In-Person or Virtual - One Weekend

Location: 1802 W Berteau, Suite 205, Chicago

Dates: September 7 & 8, 2024 9-6pm CST

Cost: $425

Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF) give dance/movement therapists a common language to study movement and its developmental aspects, informing our relationship to self, other, and the environment. LMA I contexts LMA and BF in history and within the field of dance/movement therapy. This course provides: a framework for how to structure and approach movement observation, an understanding of the cultural and therapeutic implications of Body Knowledge/Body Prejudice and a forum for the student to identify their own movement preferences and limitations. LMA I will also provide a general overview of the core principles of movement and of Rudolf Laban’s taxonomy of human movement. The course will be grounded through both didactic and movement experientials to support multiple learning preferences. LMA I will provide the foundation for all other LMA classes to follow.

1 credit hour / 15 classroom hours - Approved by the ADTA

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Instructor: Kim Rothwell, BC-DMT, LCPC, GL-CMA

In person

Location: 1802 W Berteau, Suite 205, Chicago

Dates: Oct. 18-20 Friday 6-9, Saturday & Sunday 9-4

Cost: $425

Course Description:

This class is designed to support the embodiment and resilience of counselors in their clinical work with clients by supporting mindful embodiment and processing of somatic counter-transference. Authentic Movement is a practice in which a person moves with eyes closed in the presence of a witness. The mover allows her attention to “drop in” to the embodied experience of sensation, impulse, emotion, and imagery, allowing movement to unfold from a deep inner wisdom. The witness holds the space by keeping eyes open and creating a safe container for the movement to unfold. By coming into contact with ones own embodied experience with curiosity, openness, and acceptance, we are better equipped to work with the somatic countertransference present in the therapeutic relationship.

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Module 1: Relationship

Overview of semester; Presence; Dance Class-experience and Discuss

Instructor: Kristina Fluty, MA, GL-CMA

In person

Location: 1802 W Berteau, Suite 205, Chicago

Dates: Feb. 1 & 2, 2025

Cost: $340

Course Description:

Students will begin to bring their self-awareness, growing attunement skills, and movement analysis understanding into relationship with others. After exploring theories of interpersonal neurobiology and embodied presence, they will experience a therapeutic dance class as a student.

Total hours: 11

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Module 1V: Ethical consideration

Ethics and the continuum of Therapy/Therapeutic

Instructor: Susan Imus, LCPC, GL-CMA, BC-DMT


Dates: Feb. 2025

Cost: $245

Total hours:  8

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Module 2: Creating & Making

Personal Aesthetics in Facilitation; Movement Choir Creation, Performance as Therapy

Instructors: Kristina Fluty, MA, GL-CMA; Kris Larsen, LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA; Stacey Hurst, LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA

Dates: March 1-2, 2025

In person 15 hours total

Cost: $460

Location: 1802 W. Berteau Suite 205, Chicago

Course Description:

This weekend is all about creative process. Students will explore their own personal and artistic Aesthetics and how those values might inform how they lead a group in movement. They will then create a movement choir in the tradition of Laban and close the weekend with creating their own piece through the lens of healing.
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Module 3: Teaching Practice

Facilitation Methods

Instructors: Kristina Fluty, MA, GL-CMA

in person

Location: 1802 W. Berteau Suite 205, Chicago

Dates: April 5-6, 2025

Cost: $245

Course Description:

After diving deeply into methodology with Fluty and guests, students will be prepared to lead their own therapeutic dance sessions in their respective communities. They will teach two sessions that they record, and then exchange feedback with an assigned partner. They then send their recordings to Fluty with segments/epiphanies they want to share/discuss in May.
Total hours: 8
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Feedback & discussion of student sessions and movement celebration

Instructors: Kristina Fluty, MA, GL-CMA; Kris Larsen, LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA; Stacey Hurst, LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA

Dates: May 10-11, 2025

In person

Cost: $310

Location: 1802 W. Berteau Suite 205, Chicago

Course Description:

Now we examine and integrate. Fluty will compile themes and questions to discuss from each of the students' recorded sessions so that all students benefit from everyone's experiences. Finally, we will move together in celebration and appreciation, taking turns to facilitating in real time.
Total hours: 10
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