Additional Resources

American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)

Governing body of, and leading organization for, dance/movement therapists in the Unites States of America.

Mind Body Connections PLLC

Stacey M. Hurst's private practice.  Offices located in Naperville & Chicago.

Connected Movement

Kim Rothwell's private practice in Bellingham, Washington.

Body Mind Combine

Shannon Suffoletto's private movement coaching practice for athletes out of Chicago, IL.

New Prairie Counseling

Faculty Laura Allen and Jessica Young host their private practices out of New Prairie Counseling in Elmhurst, IL.

Living Architecture

Alexa Palmer's private practice for counseling and coaching movement in New York.

MoveScape Center

MoveScape is a learning center dedicated to the understanding of human movement. They draw upon the intellectual legacy of Rudolf Laban, the eminent 20th century dance and movement theorist.

Ingrid J. Lacey

Private psychotherapy practice in Atlanta, GA

DoveTail Studios

2853 W Montrose Ave. Chicago, IL. Classes for all ages; studio space rental.

Contact Improv Class 

This is a space to learn & practice skills for contact improvisation. We will prepare the body for bearing and sharing weight, train the mind to sustain attention, and study the energetic dynamics of group attunement and composition. Expect physical drills (i.e. rolling, spiraling, and falling mechanics), repetition across classes, witnessing and dialogue.  Classes will be co-taught by Kellyn Jackson and guest teachers. Email for information.