EEIC Student Contract Agreement for AR-DMT Program


EEIC contracts with vetted faculty to provide a sequential curriculum for the successful completion of the alternate route DMT training program. Each faculty is responsible for their own course content, delivery, evaluation, and certificate of completion. EEIC is responsible for registration, tuition collection, student advisement, and final transcript distribution.

In order to secure a place in each class, a $200 non-refundable deposit/class towards tuition is required by the deposit due date (one month prior to the start of class, unless otherwise specified).

If payment is made in full by cash/check/Venmo/Zelle prior to the start of class, a 5% discount can be applied using the discount coupon on the website. Payments made via PayPal must pay in full due to associated fees.

Final payment is required by the start of class unless a payment plan is arranged with EEIC staff. Contact to discuss payment plan options.

There will be no refunds for withdrawal after the second class. If a student needs to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal date has passed, the student may be eligible to apply the balance paid towards the next course cycle.

Upon completion of a single course, students will receive a certification of completion for their records to submit to the ADTA/DMTCB with their R-DMT application. Students will also receive a final transcript that lists all courses completed through EEIC in preparation for the R-DMT application.

For those students who intend to enroll in the entire EEIC alternate route program in dance/movement therapy, an academic advisor will be available to consult regarding application for R-DMT. Those wishing to secure advisement should reach out to Laura Allen at

In the event an instructor is unable to complete their teaching assignment, EEIC will work to deliver the course by enlisting other instructors and/or extending the duration of the class to meet all syllabus requirements. EEIC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes for any reason, without penalty prior to the start of class. If EEIC is forced to cancel class, students will receive a full refund of the amount they paid into the course.

If you are in agreement with the above, please click to electronically sign the document. If you have any questions regarding this contract, you may email

EEIC Founders are grateful that you’ve chosen to complete your coursework at EEIC and are more than willing to discuss any issues that may arise.



Edited 1/30/2021