Laban Movement Analysis III: Space & Shape


Instructor: Stacey Hurst, BC-DMT, LCPC, GL-CMA


2 Credit Hour/ 30 classroom hours

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The DMT student who successfully completes this course will have a firm grasp of the principles of Laban Movement Analysis with a strong ability to understand the interrelationship of Body, Effort, Shape, and Space within the context of a DMT and counseling setting. This course will specifically focus on the Shape and Space aspects of the taxonomy and will weave principles of Body, Effort, Shape and Space into theoretical application. The student will also be able to create and apply Laban-based interventions within movement labs.  In addition, the student will be able to draw together knowledge of human development (functional, expressive and communicative) as it is objectively observed in order to apply contextually and culturally informed interventions within a session.


Fall 2021: Nov. 12-14 & Dec. 3-5

Fridays 6-9pm CST

Sat/Sun 9-5CST

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