DMT & Trauma


Instructor: Melissa Schleicher Park, LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA

Cost: $850

Upcoming Date: TBD

Fridays 6-9 Sat/Sun 9-4 (in person w/virtual options)

In person w/online options

Location for in person: 1802 W Berteau suite 205, Chicago


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Course Description: This course provides an overview of the field of traumatology in conjunction with historical and contemporary dance/movement therapy (DMT) techniques. Beginning with an introduction to the history of trauma treatment in Western psychology, students will gain an understanding of how this history has shaped the current research and treatment of trauma through lecture and discussion. History will work in conjunction with experiential learning experiences of current neuroscience, reflecting the effects of trauma on the body and mind through the embodiment of empathic reflection and response. Through these embodied and self-reflective interventions, students will focus on ways in which body-based, somatic and DMT methods can enhance the experience of healing from post-traumatic stress, development trauma and acute stress conditions. In sync with contemporary traumatology theory, students will also be challenged to think broadly in terms of how DMT interventions can further the discussion and practice of trauma-informed care in a variety of clinical settings; combining verbal therapy, body-based intervention and a thorough understanding the brain and body’s interwoven experience of trauma.

2 credit hours/30 contact hours ADTA approved

AR-DMT Theory & Practice hours

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