The Whitehouse Approach


Instructor: Kim Rothwell, LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA

Cost: $850

Upcoming Date: Oct. 18-20 & Nov. 15-17, 2024

Location: 1802 W Berteau, suite 205, Chicago

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Course Description: This course explores the impact of Mary Whitehouse’s approach on the field of dance/movement therapy, including the early development of Authentic Movement (AM) and contemporary practices informed by her work. Students will become familiar with the essential form of AM, including creating a holding environment, moving from within and the development of witness consciousness. Processes of intrapersonal, interpersonal, transpersonal organization and growth will be traced in relation to the practice. Foundational clinical principles underlying the form will be examined in order to establish the somatic, artistic and jungian foundations as well as the developmental, relational and transpersonal grounding in the form. Students will engage in practices that promote understanding and experience of essential clinical skills including establishing a holding environment, tracking somatic processes, identifying somatic countertransference, recognizing projection, practicing embodied verbal witnessing, transition as an opportunity for bilateral integration, cultural humility, and reflection both verbal and nonverbal as a way of holding present moment lived experience. Key figures in the development and practice of authentic movement as well as contemporary practices derived from the work and lineage of Mary Whitehouse will be included as primary sources for ongoing learning.

2 credit hours/30 contact hours ADTA approved 

AR-DMT Theory & Practice Course

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