An Invitation to Dance/Movement Therapy

An Invitation to Dance/Movement Therapy

Highlighting the Alternate Route Course DMT: Intro and Invitation

Our students join us from all over the world, arriving in our classrooms at varying points in their career path. From the therapists fresh out of graduate school to the seasoned professionals returning to further their education, we welcome everyone to the Alternate Route program at EEIC. Whether you are certain that this is the journey you want to take or still on the fence, we have the perfect place for you to start: Dance/Movement Therapy: An Intro and Invitation with Kim Rothwell, BC-DMT, LCPC, GL-CMA.

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Beginning Your DMT Journey

Dance/Movement Therapy: An Intro and Invitation [DMT Intro] is our true beginner’s course, the foundation to everything you will learn in the dance/movement therapy certification process. Through a combination of readings, discussions, and experiential exercises, this course will introduce you to the foundational principles of dance/movement therapy and relevant theories to its development. Additionally, Kim Rothwell strives to set a global context for the history of dance as an ancient practice of healing that crosses cultures all over the world. DMT Intro offers a historical timeline from the introduction of dance/movement therapy as a profession in the United States and the specific context that led to its emergence as a field.

Kim emphasizes that whether you intend to become a dance/movement therapist or not, this course supports your connection to your own body and movement in a truly nourishing way. It offers a look into how the practice of embodiment can inform your life. As a teacher, Kim focuses on identifying what brings life and liveliness to each student in order to nurture and empower that so students can flourish. Her personal path to dance/movement therapy comes from personal experience with dance as a necessary form of healing and reconnecting with her body.

About Your Instructor

After graduating with a degree in philosophy, Kim got a job as a social service worker with a foster care agency. In her work, she found herself navigating difficult, traumatic situations and trying to manage the disembodiment in herself that results from vicarious trauma. Dance classes became an integral part of her self-care. In the process, she connected with a dance/movement therapist and learned about the field. Despite no formal technique training prior to that job, her love of dance and her personal experience of using dance to heal allowed her to thrive in the study of dance/movement therapy. In the creation of this class, she reflected on the ways she wished the history and foundation of dance/movement therapy had been taught to her when she started her DMT journey. With that in mind, the course acknowledges a broad global history in addition to the contemporary applications of the field of dance.

We invite you to start your journey here with us, in this space of creativity and inspiration. There is no prerequisite or prior knowledge necessary beyond a curiosity and desire to learn. This course will take place entirely online, allowing you to join us from anywhere in the world. Our fall session of DMT Intro begins on September 10th. The class is scheduled for Fridays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. CST for 10 consecutive weeks. Registration is currently open!

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