Level 2: Somatic-Concentric Sex Therapy Training: Experiential relationship work


Instructor: Melissa Walker MA, R-DMT, LPC, CST
Date: TBA
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: 1802 W. Berteau, Suite 205, Chicago
Cost: $825
15 AASECT & NBCC credits for $25 additional

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Course Description: Working with couples can be challenging. The dynamic of a couple can often dominate the room with dysregulated nervous systems, entrenched beliefs, and an unwieldy relationship attachment styles. You may have found that talking through each issue and providing accurate and insightful sexual intimacy education simply doesnt address the underlying difficulties.

Your clients may have shifted their beliefs and intentions, but they still act out the same painful dynamic. This is because the relational dynamic does not just live in their minds or known vocabulary —The relational dynamic lives itself out moment to moment in the ways that the intimate partner’s bodies organize in each other’s presence and the habits they play out when they are in contact with each other.

We can support our clients to create lasting change when we address the ways that their bodies relate to each other through the patterns of muscle tension, movement habits, breath quality, and gaze while understanding how their sociocultural experiences have influenced how they inhabit their bodies. This is
a holistic and empowering way of working.

This Level 2 training will present a map for working with a relationship dynamic that is grounded in the
experiential model of Somatic-Concentric Sex Therapy.