Human Development: Interpersonal Neurobiology


Instructor: Kris Eric Larsen LCPC, BC-DMT, GLCMA

10 week virtual course

Date: June 3-Aug. 5, 2024

Cost: $850

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Course Description: Dance/Movement Therapy has provided for us a pathway into the expressive nature of movement and its related emotional meaning. Moving the body engages the emotional system (the brain) as mind and body join together on an expressive, and often creative, journey of dance. As dance movement therapists, we have often looked at both the functional and expressive meaning of movement and yet, have we given enough attention to the subtleties found between emotional expression and the related micro-movements of the body/mind interrelationship.

This course introduces students to the intricate world of the brain and focuses upon the interrelationship between mind, body and relationships. Studies of brain development and the ways in which dance movement therapy can assist in repatterning insecure attachments and their subsequent encoded neuronal pathways is necessary in keeping the field up to date. The development of therapeutic interventions that consider developmental, biological and cultural contexts will be discussed as well.

2 credit hours / 30 classroom hours – Approved by the ADTA

AR-DMT theory & practice course

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